ERP on WordPress for the First Time

At weDevs, we love WordPress and we see it from a very different perspective. It’s not only a CMS, but we believe it’s a platform for building “Web of Things”. Some may say it is a challenge, and we have always loved challenges. Our WordPress powered products; Dokan Multi-vendorProject ManagerandWP User Frontendhas around 300k+ fans. This proves that anything can be done with full privilege on WordPress.

It took us time to mature these applications, but hard work and imagination cannot stop the possibility of something even greater. So we took the challenge yet again. We have dedicatedly developed an ERP system for more than 1.5 years besides our regular projects. Our ERP system consists of an HR and CRM in its core plus a full-fledged Accounting system as a separate add-on. The best part is, all of these are FREE and open-source.

WP-ERP has been handling our own company management for the past several months. After testing, we decided to go public. So, very recently, we have released the beta version a month ago and updated it to v1.0 last week.

Take me to WP-ERP.

Is ERP on WordPress a Good idea?

Wondering is it even possible with WordPress? People also thought the same about e-commerce on WordPress, but now WooCommerce holds more than a quarter of the market. We consider Dokan to be a successor to that legacy in the coming days.

As developers, we consider WordPress as a platform for shaping your imagination. WordPress can be scaled, like any system. If you make something with care and proper utilization of tools, WordPress can do anything. Only your imagination is the limit.

So, if you could manage your entire company management inside your WordPress dashboard, why wouldn’t you want it?

A short overview of WP-ERP

  • Open Source and Customizable
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Cloud-based and real-time.
  • Runs on any device.
  • Reduce company costs and increase speed.
  • Modular HRCR, Accounting and task management features.
  • Syncing and backup features.
  • Improves service delivery and support.
  • Great for monitoring and development.
  • Reporting and logging feature on everything.
  • Your own banking software.
  • Manage leaves, bonuses and track record.

Human Resource Management

This integrated HRM module creates a detailed biographical profile of an employee complete with performance data which helps admin to get smart reports. Managers can create departments, assign them to different branches and much more.

WordPress ERP- HRM
HRM Overview

Customer Relationship Management

Customer statuses help your representatives to handle potential and valued clients better. The module can identify both individual clients, multiple representatives from a company or a company itself. Task assignment, call or meeting scheduling, activity logging, contact grouping, etc are some of its key features.

WordPress ERP- CRM
CRM Overview

Accounting for Non Accountant

The best tool to manage customer and vendor payments/credits even with the minimum experience. You can also manage your bank accounts, get a predefined chart of accounts, manage sales and expenses, add journal entries, etc. with this module. It has been made extremely easy for people with no accounting knowledge.

WordPress ERP- accounting
Accounting Overview

Project Manager

Directly assign your employees to a project from your ERP system and visit employee profiles to check their progress. Project Manager is a dedicated tool to ensure maximum efficiency of any task done in groups and for targeted achievements.

WordPress ERP- project manager
Project Manager Overview

List of add-ons

WOrdPress ERP- addons
WordPress ERP Addons

Give Us Your Feedback!

We hope that you would trust WP-ERP for supercharging your business.

If you are short in time, try our demo, it only takes less than a minute to setup.

Please give us your feedback and ideas to improve WP-ERP as we are continually developing it to become bigger and better.

Comment on this post or open an issue in our Github Repository. We will definitely publish your contributions.

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