A Quick Overview on WordPress & Automattic: Why Should You Prefer WordPress for eCommerce Too


There are so many other content management systems, but none can be compared with the popularity of WordPress. WordPress is not the only Content management system (CMS), It has, however, proven over the years to be the one of the best and important content management system powering over one-third of the webspace.

When compared with other content Management systems WordPress takes the lead. In the Content Management Systems market, WordPress makes up for over 60 percent of the market.

When it comes to popularity, WordPress comes at number one owning over 60 percent of the CMS market share, Joomla comes at number two owning five percent of the market share, Drupal comes third with over three percent of the market share, Shopify comes at fourth position with about 3 per cent if the market share while the other CMS make up for less than thirty percent of the market.

Top Content Management System


This is also one of the biggest Content Management system maintaining a second spot in the most popular content management systems. It is also another open-source program that was developed from the fork of another program called Mambo. It takes roughly over five percent of the Content Management systems market and powers over 3 percent of all the Websites on the Internet.


The third on the list of the most popular Content management systems in the world is Drupal, It has been in existence since 2001 before WordPress and Joomla. It powers over 3.3 percent of the World’s Website. It is a highly technical content management system offering website developers the power to create sophisticated websites.

Top Sites Using WordPress

WordPress is being used by some of the top brands around the world, including some of the fortune 500 companies. This is another proof that the world trusts WordPress to power their content management. Examples of some of the top brands that run on WordPress include:

1. The New Times
2. BBC
3. Forbes
4. TED
5. NBC
6. TechCrunch
7. People Magazine
8. The NFL
9. Best Buy
10. UPS
11. Wall Street journal
12. National Geographic etc

WordPress Ownership

WordPress ownership

There are two versions of WordPress the self-hosted WordPress.org and the hosted wordpress.com. The self-hosted wordpress.org is founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little under the management of the WordPress Foundation. WordPress.org is a non-profit organization.

Who Owns WordPress.org?

The WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress. It is the technical version of WordPress that was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The trademark name and logo are owned by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Who Owns WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is owned by Automattic, a tech startup that was founded by Matt Mullenweg. The WordPress.com is a web-based hosting service provider that allows you to automatically add WordPress when you purchase the domain and hosting services. It is a less technical WordPress version that makes WordPress easy to install and use.


Automattic is an internet and web development company founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2005.

Matt Mullenweg and automattic- wordpress

As of July 2019, the Company has about 930 staff operating from over 60 different countries. Automattic is known for creating open-source programs and is known to have created several other websites apart from WordPress and WooCommerce.

Other Products By Automattic

Apart from the WordPreess.com, Automattic is also passionate about making the web a better place, Automattic prides themselves as not just making software for free but making software for freedom. Here are some of the other products built by Automattic.

1. JetPack
2. WooCommerce
3. Longreads
4. VaultPress
5. Simplenote
6. Askimet
7. Crowdsignal
8. Gravatar
9. Happy Tools
10. CloudUp
11. bbPress
12. WP Job Manager etc

eCommerce with WordPress

eCommerce with WordPress

Since WordPress is a content management system it can be used to build both simple and complex websites which range from a simple corporate website, blogs to more complex and sophisticated eCommerce sites like classifieds, online stores, etc WordPress offers great flexibility and functionality to accommodate both simple and complex web solutions.

To make selling possible, WordPress makes use of a plugin called WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an advanced eCommerce WordPress plugin that makes selling possible with WordPress.

What is E-Commerce?

In simple terms, eCommerce is the short form for electronic commerce which is the process of buying and selling of goods or services via the internet. It could also be mean a kind of business transaction that takes place online. WordPress also offers eCommerce options that allow millions of people all over the world to buy and sell using the WordPress platform through a plugin called Woocomerce.

The Woocommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create a products catalog online.

What is Woocommerce?


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to build eCommerce stores using WordPress.

WooCommerce is a WordPress tool that helps website owners and website developers to build e-Commerce stores at the click of a button. What makes WooCommerce even more unique is the fact that it is a free tool and you don’t need the help of a website designer to create stunning websites.

Apart from creating an online store, WooCommerce also allows you to add third-party extensions to extends some of its functionalities.

WooCommerce extends the basic WordPress system and converts it to a fully functional eCommerce store. It is a fully customizable eCommerce tool for building online businesses.

What is WooCommerce used for?

Woocommerce is the technology that powers eCommerce on WordPress. It is that tool that gives WordPress the superpower to sell online. The Woocommerce converts the basic WordPress site and turns it into a fully functional and robust eCommerce store.

Just like WordPress, Woocommerce is also the biggest eCommerce provider powering twenty-two percent of eCommerce market share.

WooCommerce allows users to create digital products, add products to cart, checkout, make secure payments using credit or debit cards and other payment types like pay on Delivery, bank payments, etc to buy goods or services online.

Apart from the fact that WooCOmmerce is used for creating and managing online stores it also provides users with the ability to manage inventory, it also offers tax management, provision to make a secure payment, integrate different shipping methods and manage the whole online shopping experience.

Why Choose WooCommerce?

Today, WooCommerce has become an important part of online businesses. It has gone beyond just a plugin but rather the tool that drives the online market. Here are some reasons why you should consider WooCommerce

1. It is Absolutely Free

Users do not have to pay extra to use this plugin, it comes absolutely free of charge to the users. All you need to do is to download the plugin and use it either for personal or commercial purposes. It is absolutely free.

2. Built for all

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small scale business owner or a large corporation, WooCOmmerce is built for all. It is already inbuilt with tools and resources to help you make your online sales a smooth one. Whether small businesses or larger corporations WordPress comes in handy.

3. It is Secure

One of the most important reasons why you should consider WooCommerce is because of Its security. The WooCommerce plugin is one of the most secure plugins as the developers ensure it is updated often to avoid security issues. WordPress also work hand in hand with some trusted organization who provide them with data and feedback to ensure the plugin is void of any security risk.

4. WooCommerce is the Most Popular Ecommerce Provider

It is the most popular eCommerce provider in the world powering over twenty-two percent of the Worlds eCommerce website and powers over thirty percent of online stores across the world.

5. It is open Source

Just like WordPress WooCommerce is also another open-source program that allows anyone with the knowledge of programming to edit, modify and extend the code to suit whatever the purpose they intend to use it for

6. User-Friendly

Woocommerce is user-friendly and easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you are tech-savvy or not, setting up a WooCommerce site is one of the easiest things to do. You do not require technical knowhow to set up a WooCommerce store.

7. Compatibility

Another great advantage of WooCommerce is its easy compatibility with other programs, it is also compatible with all major browsers and devices.

8. It is mobile friendly

WooCommerce is mobile friendly and built for mobile with this, it loads well on mobile, desktop and tablets.

9. It can be used to sell anything

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a physical product, a virtual product or services. You can use WooCommerce to sell anything.

10. WooCommerce is built for speed

Since WooCommerce was built with speed in mind, It is very fast and efficient. It loads well on all browsers.

11. It is flexible and provides easy customization

WooCommerce provides lots of flexibility and customizations that allow you to build robust eCommerce applications.

12. It is a content management system

Since WooCommerce is a content management system, you can easily add, edit and modify content right from the WordPress Admin dashboard.

Features of WooComerce


1. Payment Gateway Options: WooCommerce comes inbuilt with options for different payments like PayPal, Cash On Delivery, Bank Payment with different options for multiple payment gateway extensions.

2. Inventory Management: WooCommerce makes managing your stock easy. It comes with a stock management option that automatically manages your inventory.

3. Shipping: WooCommerce provides multiple shipping options and extensions to help you manage your logistics. This could come in the form of free shipping, flat rate shipping or location-based shipping options.

4. Taxes Automation: It allows you to configure tax settings and automatically manage tax billings.

5. Content Management Systems: Just Like WordPress WooCommerce is also a Content Management System that allows users to create, modify, edit and upload data.

6. Reporting System: It provides sales and analytical reporting system on your website. It gives an overview of your inventory, sales, orders, billings, etc

WooCommerce Powered Business

  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Health and Beauty
  • Food
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Groceries
  • Digital Products

WooCommerce Stats and Facts

1. It currently has over four million active installs
2. Twenty-Two percent of the world’s eCommerce solutions use WooCommerce
3. There are over 3,000 WooCommerce Themes available
4. It is the biggest eCommerce Content management system
5. It is available in over 60 different languages

The Future of WordPress

Over the years WordPress has proved itself as a giant in the web development space with over 32 percent of the world’s website being powered by WordPress. WordPress has become a name to reckon with in the website development industry. It boasts of over 55,000 plugins in its arsenal making it the largest collection of Website development tools.

Over the years WordPress has grown from the little blogging platform to becoming the biggest Content management system in the world. To further reiterate the power of WordPress, it currently hosts over one-fourth of the Worlds Websites that is one in four websites is a WordPress site.

Over the years, WordPress has witnessed a huge growth in its market share. With the introduction of the Block editor in the WordPress 5.0 series which is nicknamed Gutenberg which witnessed a total overhaul of the WordPress editor UI, WordPress has shown and proved that it means business and are here to stay for the long term.

The future of WordPress looks great as it continues to dominate the online digital space.

WordPress has gone beyond just a web-building tool or a blogging platform, it is the platform that powers a quarter of the world’s websites.

If you are still wondering about the future of WordPress I will leave you with the great words of Matt Mullenweg when he said: “I see the future of WordPress as a web operating system”.

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