How to Start Your First Business Using WordPress (WordPress for Business with 15+ Ideas)

Starting a WordPress based business is not as hard as it seems, with the aid of the internet you can run a multi-million dollar company from the comfort of your home. Yes, WordPress for business isn’t a myth today, its the reality.

However, it is not as easy for most people as it seems because many people often wonder what kind of business to do, how to start, things to note, etc. Here are a few tips to start your WordPress based business. 

What to Do

WordPress for business

First of all, determine the kind of business you would like to do, the business niche you would want to run. This will help you determine the kind of business you will like to do. 

Remember that utilizing WordPress for business is easier and secure than ever. It’s a fun game now to make money with WordPress.

Acquire the skills 

Before setting up any online business, ensure you acquire the necessary skills and certification required. This is to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and experience for the job. 

Create an Online Presence 

Once you have an idea of the kind of business you would like to run, It’s time to create a WordPress presence for your new online business 

Select Your Preferred Themes and Plugins

The kind of business you want to run will determine the kind of theme or plugins to create. Whether it’s a business website or an online store or a classified. 

Advertise and Promote your New Business

The next line of action to take is to find effective ways to advertise your WordPress business to reach more audience and increase the popularity of the business 

Grow your business 

Master the art of growing your online business by increasing its brand visibility, customer base and ensuring your WordPress based business is profitable. 

Types of Businesses You Can Run on WordPress (15+ Business Ideas)

WordPress for business

Using WordPress for business is getting immense popularity these days and its increasing day by day.

The Internet has made it possible to build a successful online business from the comfort of your home.

Just in case you are wondering if it is possible to create an online business with WordPress, the answer is Yes. With WordPress, you can become the next big thing. Some of the fortune 500 businesses in the world run on WordPress. If some of the top businesses in the world use WordPress question is- why shouldn’t you?

Since the internet has made it possible to reach millions and even billions of people around the world, starting a business has been made easier. With WordPress, it is possible to create a successful online presence. 

WordPress has created an avenue for millions of people to create a passive and active source of income from the internet. Here is a list of 15+ businesses you can run using WordPress. 

1. Website Design/Development Agency 

Since WordPress powers over one-fourth of the Internet, wouldn’t it be a wise decision to start a WordPress web design and development agency that will cater to the need of businesses that need to manage or create a WordPress based site? 

With this model, you can help businesses create and manage their online presence by helping them build a WordPress based Content Management System site. 

2. Digital Marketing Agency 

Another business that you could run off WordPress is a digital marketing agency, You can help WordPress website owners to manage and market their website through digital marketing strategies her through search engine optimization, email marketing, and search engine marketing. With a WordPress website, you can create a digital strategy

3. Blogging 

If you have a particular subject of interest that you are passionate about, you may decide to start writing about it or consider starting a blog to share information about the subject matter or something that is of interest to you. Starting a blog is simple, all you need is to install WordPress and you are one step away from being the next great blogger. 

Yes, this is how you can use WordPress for business, it’s easy to make money with WordPress!

4. E-commerce Store

Another WordPress based business you could start is an eCommerce online store. There are top WooCommerce themes available on WordPress to create an eCommerce site.

WordPress with the help of the WooCommerce plugin allows you to create an online store where you can display the inventory of products or services that you offer and sell online.

With WooCommerce you can list products or services on your site and sell online. There is virtually nothing you cannot sell online provided it’s legal and acceptable in the country in which you are selling it.

Once your store has been created, you can then look for effective ways to promote your store

5. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing business is one of the easiest online businesses to set up online. With affiliate marketing, you promote the products or services of other brands and get a commission off all sales. The commission is dependent on how much was agreed in the terms and conditioned.

With affiliate marketing, you only need to promote the products or services without any form of investment. You do not manage inventory or need a store. You only promote other people’s products or services. This process is made possible by using special tracking links that you will use to promote your product. 

6. Membership Sites

Another WordPress based business you can start is a membership site. A membership site is the one where people pay to use the site. WordPress offers membership plugins that aid or supports membership and billing. 

7. Personal/Business Website 

Since the internet has over four billion users worldwide, wouldn’t it be a smart idea if you create a personal or business website to reach more people using WordPress?

You can create a personal or business website using WordPress within minutes.

8. Start a Theme and Plugin Marketplace

Apart from building corporate websites and blogs. Another WordPress business you can start is the theme and plugin development. Since WordPress powers over a quarter of the Word’s websites. It just makes sense to create premium plugins and themes for WordPress.

Creating and selling WordPress themes and plugins is a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of plugins and themes for different purposes or needs. 

Yes, This is how you can implement WordPress for business, it’s easy!

9. Job Board

Another WordPress based business you can start is a job board, it allows you to provide a job listings website where business owners can post jobs and job seekers can apply for the jobs using a WordPress job board plugin.

10. Business Directory

With WordPress, you can build a business directory where people can pay to list their businesses online. A business directory is another WordPress enabled business that you can start. It offers a listings page for businesses to advertise their services.

11. NGO

You can create a WordPress site to support a cause or movement. WordPress can enable you to build Non-Government organizations and not for profit that allows donations using payment gateway plugins

12. Online Communities 

With WordPress, you can create online communities and forums using plugins like WPUF or BBPress. Just like any other discussion forums or communities, WordPress allows you to build an online-based community where people of like minds can share ideas, discuss pressing topics.

13. Social Media Services

Youn can create a WordPress based digital marketing or social media management services by helping websites owners or business to manage their social media presence.

Yes, This is how you can utilize WordPress for business, it’s easy!

14. Deals/Bids/Auctions Website 

Another WordPress based business opportunity you can run is either a deal, bids or an auction website. A Bidding website allows people to bid on items on the site within a specific timeframe.

A bid allows you to bid on different products or services within a specific timeline and Auction site allows you to action products and other commodities on the site.

15. Classified Ways to Use WordPress for Business

Another WordPress based business you can run is a Classifieds, you can create a WordPress classifieds ads site where sellers can post products for sale and buyers can contact 

16. Online Tutor 

WordPress allows you to run a subscription-based online tutor or courses which can be monetized through subscription fees.  

17. Photography Website 

For your photography business, you can also create a photography website to showcase your works and portfolios. 

Ways to Make Money with WordPress

You have heard of so many ways to make money online using WordPress. Or you’ve probably seen lots of testimonials and success stories, just in case you are wondering if this is true. Yes, I am glad to let you know it is. Sit back as we swift through some of the businesses you can do using WordPress.

As you know WordPress is the biggest Website building platform. Powering over thirty percent of the world’s websites. With WordPress, you can create businesses and build a business empire online.

You can follow some proven strategies to grow your WordPress business. Here are some of the proven ways you can earn money with WordPress. 

  1. Become a WordPress Content writer or create and manage content for WordPress blogs 
  2. Start a WordPress affiliate marketing program and earn a commission when a sale is made 
  3. You can create income by flipping WordPress websites that is, you create a website and sell for profit. 
  4. You can also create and design WordPress websites and blogs 
  5. Become a WordPress based freelancer 
  6. Sell products and digital content using WordPress 
  7. Create and sell online courses and tutorials 
  8. Host a paid webinar on WordPress 
  9. Open a shop online 
  10. Create an online business 
  11. Become an online consultant
  12. Start Dropshipping business 
  13. Create and sell WordPress themes 
  14. Accept donations on your WordPress site
  15. Make money from Vlogging by Creating Youtube Videos and content
  16. Create and sell e-books online
  17. Use Google AdSense to monetize your blog 
  18. Create themes and plugins for WordPress
  19. Start a WordPress Consulting Services

This is how you can use WordPress for Business, yes there are lots of options!

Difference between Free and Premium WordPress Plugins/Theme

What is a plugin?

A plugin is an application, software or a piece of code that you can plug into your WordPress to add new functionality to WordPress. There is virtually a plugin for anything you may think of on WordPress from a contact form to create an online store, an online course, etc 

What is a Theme?

A theme is a collection of web pages or template that defines the look and appearance of a WordPress site. It defines the styles and architecture of a WordPress site. and

Difference Between Free and Premium WordPress Plugins/Themes

Free Plugins

WordPress plugin directory has over 54,000 free plugins that serve different purposes and functionalities. These plugins are free to use and install 

Premium Plugins 

Unlike the free plugins the premium plugins are not free they come at a cost. And can often be bought at designated Plugin market places. The cost range from between Fifteen Dollars ($15) to One Hundred Dollars ($100). The price is dependent on the functionality and complexity of the site. 

The difference between the free and paid plugins is- the free plugins and themes are free and at no cost to the users. While the premium plugins come at no cost to the users. Another advantage of premium plugins and theme over the free ones is that the premium plugins offer supports and after-sales, in case anything goes wrong. 

WordPress for Business: The Future of Earning with WordPress 

The future of WordPress seems bright as they continue to evolve and innovate. Looking at the WordPress journey from inception to date, WordPress has grown by over one thousand percent and still continues to grow. Using WordPress for business also getting new heights day by day.

WordPress has been a major source of inspiration to other content management systems with the inclusion of new functionality with every update. WordPress provides easy flexibility for managing and growing your WordPress business. And also provides ways to easily monetize your brand offering endless possibilities in the future. 

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